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Amxton Provides Best Pest Control Services in Kottayam

Searching for effective pest control services in Kottayam? You have reached rightly at Amxton pest control. Equipped with advanced disinfestation services, we ensure that you live in the pest-free habitat and enjoy healthy living. We will help you live in clean and hygienic habitat as we strive to eliminate all pests and keep your environment sanitized. A leading company proven its efficiency in pest control, Amxton pest control is adept at pest riddance management without any dire impact on your health. With advanced equipment, proven techniques to control pest, we ensure that your office, home surroundings are perfectly clean, devoid pests and thoroughly sanitized with our specialized services, using safe pesticides. We are a trusted name for pest control services in Kerala

Pest control kottayam

Our Specialized services for pest control in Kottayam include:

  • pest control in food processing plants
  • pest control in hospital
  • termite control services
  • cockroach control services
  • mosquito control services
  • bedbug control services
  • bed bug treatment
  • pet friendly pest control
  • residential pest control services
  • hotel pest control
  • restaurant pest control
  • property management pest control services
  • food processing pest control
  • industrial pest control
  • healthcare & hospital pest control
  • industrial pest control services

    Common Pest Management

    CPM- Single Service

    If you require pest control services in Kottayam, you can seek it as a single requirement. Opt for the best pest control services in Kottayam offered by Amxton Pest Control. You can opt for residential pest control services or commercial pest control services. We have safe pesticides for indoor use and sanitize your homes with our specialized villa pest control and apartment pest control as a single requirement. With our expertise in disinfestation services, we are advancing in pest control management.


    Our annual pest control contract is valid for an entire year wherein we deliver complete pest control for homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants and industries. Our executive will suggest effective solutions ideal for your location as a part of our pest control services. A good analysis of your situation, will help our team to employ effective pest control solutions. We offer the best pest control services in Kottayam on annual basis. We even offer pet friendly pest control, using pet friendly pesticides; besides we use safe pesticides for indoor use for our residential pest control and commercial pest control services.

    Anti-termite Treatment

    Anti-Termite Pre-Construction

    Termites can be harmful for your residential and commercial spaces alike. So, it is important to plan effective pest control strategies in the construction phase itself. The progress of the termite treatment is planned according to the type of construction. Usually, the treatment is done on the top layer of the soil. Our termite control services are warrantied against termite affecting.

    Pest control services in kottayam
    Pest control service in kottayam
    Anti-Termite Post Construction

    Another termite treatment is the one planned post construction. Ready-made wood and plywood are extensively used in the contemporary construction and there is great chance for termites from the top soil to infest the wood. If you have not opted for anti- termite treatment

    before construction, then you should opt for this effective post-construction treatment offered as part of our termite control services to curb all possibilities of termite attacks to the building.

    Anti- Termite Treatment Spot Treatment

    We offer varied termite treatment and the anti-termite spot treatment is a significant one. In this treatment support, specific areas mentioned by the clients are treated and made termite-free. Thus, you can close all possibilities of termite attack to your residential or commercial buildings.

    Besides, the three mentioned termite treatments we offer termite control services to mud houses, external spaces, roofs made out of wood as needed by the client.

    Pest control services in kottayam

    Rodent Control

    Pest control services in kottayam

    Rodent Control-AMC

    We provide you annual rodent control solutions that include inspection of rodents, sanitation and proofing. Our rodent control solutions are confirmed to offer you lasting riddance. We have tested and proven control methods and our services will leave your space sanitized against rodents for a great period. You can trust our annual package.

    Rodent Control-HMC

    We offer 6 months’ rodent control services. Our expert team will assess the infestation and deliver the services based on it. We have successfully helped clients with our restaurant pest control, property management pest control, food processing pest control, industrial pest control, healthcare and hospital pest control.

    Pest control services in kottayam

    Bed Bug Control

    Pest control services in kottayam

    At Amxton, we provide bed bug control services. We provide deep bed bug treatment on mattresses, beds, furniture, curtains and other areas infested by the bugs. Depending on the infestation, we plan the treatment. High infestation will require 2 or more service within a single week for complete removal. We offer most effective bed bug treatment and manage all ranges of infestation.

    Our bed bug treatment cost for apartments are affordable. So, you can freely plan the most effective bed bug treatment. We have offered our specialized bed bug treatment to our clients and they are satisfied with the results.

    So, if you are troubled with bed bug infestation, seek our bedbug control services.

    Wood Borer Control

    Are you troubled with wood borers? At Amxton, we have the effective wood borer control solutions. We have developed effective, specialized insecticides to destroy wood borers. After the control step, you have to apply wax or paint to the wood cleaned for affect. Thus, you can avoid any further infection successfully.

    Pest control services in kottayam

    Fly Control

    Pest control services in kottayam

    At Amxton pest control, we offer effective mosquito control services. In many areas across Kottayam, mosquitoes breed and infest in the surroundings. Effective mosquito control steps should be planned to get rid of the disease causing insects. We assess your residential and commercial requirements and plan effective mosquito control services. We have tested mosquito control measures and help manage the infestation without causing harm to the population.

    It is unhygienic conditions that lead to the breeding of the mosquitoes. Effective measures can help curb the multiplication of mosquitoes and prevent the transmittance of diseases by them.

    Cockroaches and houseflies also infest homes. With our pest control in Kottayam, we provide good residential pest control services and commercial pest control services that will help prevent the multiplication of all kinds of flies. There are specifically cockroach control services that will help get rid of cockroaches completely.

    Based on the condition, we decide the frequency of treatment offered post assessment. If the infestation of the flies is high, two treatments or more will be essential to get riddance.

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